Editing Photo of Eagle Pond, Snaresbrook - East London


I am now time-lapsing most of my edits and uploading them to Youtube!
My youtube channel name is: HVRIS. 

This is a big step forward as it will push me to get out of my comfort zone and show my editing process from start to finish with all the trials and errors. Not to mention going out and looking for spectacular skies to edit, or even just bringing dull photos to life. 
Either way; I really enjoyed it! It allows me to give a little story behind my photo:

When I first started taking my own photos, Eagle Pond was one of my first trials, the first photo I did you can see below:


Not bad for a first attempt at photography and digital imaging. Although, I think this was sunrise in the summer time, I can't remember. I really liked the sky, hopefully now in 2017 I can get something better! 

Fast forward to 2017 I was hoping for more of a magenta toned sunset. However, I got a very blue and cold toned evening! But it doesn't matter I have a few new tricks to play around with to make the scenery more dreamy using Photoshop and Lightoom!
You can see my editing process here:

Adding a few birds to the crack in the sky really gives a nice fantasy finish! Snaresbrook and Wanstead has been my local are for over 10 years. Overall, seeing the photo at a first glance I wouldn't think it is my local pond!

Eagle Pond - Snaresbrook

I intend to do more time lapses of my photography and digital imaging process. 

Sunsets and sunrises are personal favourite thing to photograph! I have a habit of taking photos of them all year round. I will do a series of sunsets and sunrises by each month starting with January 2017! 

- Haris Ahmed