Exploring Calisthenics

Welcome to my first blog post!

This will be one of many, where I plan to utilise my journal to convey and discuss my journey within Digital Photography. 

Calisthenics is a sport that I really enjoy as it can be independent or collaborative, it also sculpts the body in a proportional muscular order. In other words; it is just street gymnastics. 

I went to Kennington Park for a regular training session. I decided to take my camera, as by experience I tend to get the best shots unintentionally. I had the pleasure of seeing a regular face: Roo Hamer, a calisthenics inspiration who I have been meaning to take photos of for a few weeks now. Needless to say, we finally collaborated and I got a lovely shot of him performing a handstand.


Furthermore, Roo introduced me to Emily Cohen, a yoga instructor and nutritional health consultant. An enthusiastic soul who was a pleasure to collaborate with! 

Yoga, Emily Cohen

The sky was fantastic and as you can see in the photos below, I was able to have a great balance of exposure to bring the attention and focus on the subject. 

Handstand, Emily Cohen, Roo Hamer

As a calisthenics enthusiast and a photographer, I have found that merging my two interests together to be a fulfilling experience. I plan and intend to create an epic photo series based purely on this underground street sport that I love. 

A big thank you to:
Roo Hamer - Facebook - Instagram
Emily Cohen - Website - Instagram