Experimenting with Time Lapses

I have been interested in experimenting with Time Lapses for ages, I have done Big Ben and the usual London momuments. However, lately I have the spark to time lapses do a lot more frequently. 

I have to do them manually with an iPhone stopwatch and hit the shutter remote every 5 seconds which is very tedious. So, this post is about my experiments. 

I made a little video of my time lapse, showing how I made my time lapse (inception). 

This particular spot is just outside Epping, between North Weald in Essex. There is a little bridge which gives you a high view point to catch the sunset and sunrise, overseeing the M11 and M25 overlapping each other. I've always wanted to try this composition!

I am waiting for my new shutter remote which should hopefully arrive soon. This should solve my tedious task of snapping every few seconds manually (I can make a coffee to go and enjoy the sunset without much hassle?!).
Either way, I think creating time lapses using photography is an excellent way to practice your digital photography skills. You have to do your usual edit in Lightroom (or whatever software of your choice is) and then process it as a video, it opens up so many new world of opportunities. For example, I studied videography at University but all the key frames and new video basics etc went over my head. Now, I actually have something exciting to play around with and I've got the technical videography basics down like second nature! 
Moreover, I can actually use my time lapses in other promotional videos I make for businesses: Boom! A nice eye-capturing visual at the start of a brand's identity. 

Overall, it is a nice way to show new possibilities. I will be heading to Knightsbridge tomorrow for a shoot. So, perhaps I will see if I can get a nice time lapse if the weather is suitable, who knows?