Epping Forest With Matt Carman


Today was a lovely Sunday where I took time to catch up with a good friend of mine Matt Carman. However, a good catch up on a sunny afternoon can not be complete without taking my camera. 

Matt is a model and we have done a photoshoot previously. Being best friends with your subject has lots of perks as you know how to bring out a good smile and laugh through personal jokes. 

Country Photography

Matt happened to be wearing a nice pair of brown boots which I thought had the potential of making a great shot in Epping Forest.
We went for a walk to explore for any interesting spots, I found a pile of logs coated with brown leaves which I thought had potential for a good shot.

Country Photography

Overall, I was very happy with the result as Matt's outfit really complemented the scenery. The brown boots and red patterned shirt presented a nice palette of woodland colours that conveyed a nice country feeling. 

We continued to another field as I had an idea for another shot:

Country Photography

I find Matt to be a great model as he has lots of experience and is not afraid to put ideas forward. We had a simple scenery to play with, compared to our usual setting of Central London and I think we nailed it! This shoot ended up looking like a fashion photoshoot you'd see for a Zara Mens or any other fashion high street brand. 

Fashion Photoshoot

We called this one: The American Eagle shot. 

And here is the rest of the shots that I really liked including some of myself: 

Epping Forest Shoot
Model Photoshoot London
Model Photoshoot London

I wanted to explore taking some shots with the skull dagger necklace which was given to me as a gift by my significant other. 

Overall, I enjoyed the shoot and Matt was a great model as well as a camera man. I find modelling very fun. However, I also find that it helps to be in the subject's shoes from time to time, as it allows me to experience and visual new compositions. 

Big thank you to my buddy Matt Carman. 

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