Millennium Bridge Sunrise

Friday 26th of May was interesting! 
My intention was to re-take a photo from the Millennium Bridge capturing the sunrise. I managed to find parking behind the Tate Modern, rather than last time where I found it very difficult around St. Pauls. 

So, I arrived to the bridge and setup my tripod. Whilst doing so, a lovely guy was setting up next to me. He took his time to arrange his tripod and got his camera all positioned nicely. Only to look at me after with a little giggle saying "I left my battery at home". Ouch! If this was to happen to me (especially when travelling arriving at 4am) my heart would have sank to my ass. Luckily for him, I had a spare battery in my camera bag, so he could actually take the shots he wanted and not go home empty handed. 

We spoke for about an hour, discussing camera gear, software, how to process certain photos. He even did a time lapse whilst I did mine. 

His Instagram

Here is my time lapse: 

I was using the remote. However, he had a time lapse feature built in his camera already so I was quite fascinated! It was nice to actually have somebody there to take photos with, usually I'm by myself and it did make the time go quicker. 

You can see what it was like here: 

Last year I took this shot: 

Millennium Bridge View 2016

Taken and edited on the 26th of July 2016.

Millennium Bridge View 2017

Now fast forward to 26th of May 2017, exactly 11 months later. I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved. I don't feel super proud of it compared to some photos I've took before. Perhaps, that's just the inner self critical artist inside of me? Or who knows, I guess I need to keep shooting.

Furthermore, I do like how the water has become soft giving a glass look. The Shard looks more prominent in this photograph.

For my next digital photography adventure I'll be travelling to Bath, I've been recommended some nice spots to take photos, see you then!