London Eye Sunrise

Saturday Morning at 3:30am - 20/05/17 I got up with a struggle. However, it turned out to be worth it! 

I got up in the morning before dawn last summer. Now a having took a year to learn and refine my skills, I've managed to execute a photo that I find personally fulfilling:

London Eye Sunrise Photo

This was my sunset shot from last year:

London Eye Sunset Photo

It is still a great photo. However, I wouldn't put it as the banner of my website. I feel that I finally have a style which works for me as an artist; I love the natural HDR look, for the simple reason that I want to record what I saw to show the beauty to my friends and family. Also, whilst keeping it realistic in dynamic range, I like to add a little twist just give the photo a little special touch, for example the relfection of the London Eye in the water. But hey, that's me!

My main objective was to get there early as possible to do a long time lapse:

I was standing on Westminster Bridge for a good 45minutes until my memory card was full! It gave me the longest and best time lapse I've done so far. Was very fortunate to get some nice colours in comparison to my previous attempt at Tower Bridge. 

London Eye Sunrise Photo

Overall, you can say that the time lapse is from 5am - 6am. 

I did feel shattered throughout the weekend. But hey, I am very happy with that I got from that shoot. I will continue to experiment with sunrises this summer as it is so peaceful. 

Next blog post is on Regent Street,