Knightsbridge & Tower Bridge Time Lapse

As I suggested in my last post, I wanted to do a Time Lapse of Knightsbridge:

I managed to have 15 mins to spare before my shoot, unfortunately it only gave me 4 seconds of a Time Lapse and I had to manually press the shutter button every 5 seconds. 

Fortunately, the following day my Time Lapse remote arrived in the post! A lovely tool for my digital photography adventures. 

I immediately used my excitement to wake up the following day at 4am to Time Lapse the sunrise by Tower Bridge: 

It may not have been a glamorous pink and rich sunrise as I dreamt of. However, it was still amazing because the Time Lapse looks professional! It flows so well; I can capture an image every 2-3 seconds for optimum quality! 

I will definitely return to Tower Bridge to try and capture a glamorous sunrise! For now I will edit my moody HDR image. I am planning to record my edit of it for the new post, see you then!