Maya Magal Event February

Shooting with Maya Magal Jewellery




An event to celebrate the launch of jewellery designer Maya Magal’s new collection— a collaboration with five career women in the fashion industry who are true inspirations to her brand. Maya's elegant yet simple designs make for amazingly versatile jewellery that can be worn in any situation.  Overall, the event was a pleasure to shoot and capture. 

Thank you for a lovely event Maya

Shots with Freya

I had the pleasure of doing promo shots for Freya last week! She is a cool savvy musician based in London, her website:

This Is Katharsis

We arranged for a day to shoot up in London. However, the most British thing that could possibly happened...well.. happened. It rained and it rained all day long. Fear not! We managed to pull through and get some awesome shots. 

Now typically, I love to wait till the evening time so that the skies become high in contrast creating a dramatic background. Or better yet, having a sunset in the background to create some really unique shots that you can't just replicate on a normal sunny afternoon.  

So I had to try some completely new ideas. These shots are for Freya's music promos and social media content. 


This Is Katharsis

We started off with coffee! (always a good way to start) So I took the opportunity to try some candid shots.

I was still not really satisfied knowing that I was in Oxford Circus & Soho and the weather not being great. Although, then we found some interesting backgrounds. 

This Is Katharsis
This Is Katharsis

I'm quite happy that small problems (in our perspective) actually leads to challenge and push for creativity. You can make nice shots absolutely anywhere.

This Is Katharsis

Till next time!

Tower Bridge Sunrise


I finally managed to get a nice shot of Tower Bridge during the sunrise!

Tower Bridge Sunrise

I have been trying for over about a year now. In my last attempt, it ended up raining: 

It wasn't worth taking a photo, but it made a cool time lapse! 

This blog post is delayed but I have been up to a lot of cool projects which I shall now be sharing in the next few days! Excited! :D

Millennium Bridge Sunrise

Friday 26th of May was interesting! 
My intention was to re-take a photo from the Millennium Bridge capturing the sunrise. I managed to find parking behind the Tate Modern, rather than last time where I found it very difficult around St. Pauls. 

So, I arrived to the bridge and setup my tripod. Whilst doing so, a lovely guy was setting up next to me. He took his time to arrange his tripod and got his camera all positioned nicely. Only to look at me after with a little giggle saying "I left my battery at home". Ouch! If this was to happen to me (especially when travelling arriving at 4am) my heart would have sank to my ass. Luckily for him, I had a spare battery in my camera bag, so he could actually take the shots he wanted and not go home empty handed. 

We spoke for about an hour, discussing camera gear, software, how to process certain photos. He even did a time lapse whilst I did mine. 

His Instagram

Here is my time lapse: 

I was using the remote. However, he had a time lapse feature built in his camera already so I was quite fascinated! It was nice to actually have somebody there to take photos with, usually I'm by myself and it did make the time go quicker. 

You can see what it was like here: 

Last year I took this shot: 

Millennium Bridge View 2016

Taken and edited on the 26th of July 2016.

Millennium Bridge View 2017

Now fast forward to 26th of May 2017, exactly 11 months later. I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved. I don't feel super proud of it compared to some photos I've took before. Perhaps, that's just the inner self critical artist inside of me? Or who knows, I guess I need to keep shooting.

Furthermore, I do like how the water has become soft giving a glass look. The Shard looks more prominent in this photograph.

For my next digital photography adventure I'll be travelling to Bath, I've been recommended some nice spots to take photos, see you then!

London Eye Sunrise

Saturday Morning at 3:30am - 20/05/17 I got up with a struggle. However, it turned out to be worth it! 

I got up in the morning before dawn last summer. Now a having took a year to learn and refine my skills, I've managed to execute a photo that I find personally fulfilling:

London Eye Sunrise Photo

This was my sunset shot from last year:

London Eye Sunset Photo

It is still a great photo. However, I wouldn't put it as the banner of my website. I feel that I finally have a style which works for me as an artist; I love the natural HDR look, for the simple reason that I want to record what I saw to show the beauty to my friends and family. Also, whilst keeping it realistic in dynamic range, I like to add a little twist just give the photo a little special touch, for example the relfection of the London Eye in the water. But hey, that's me!

My main objective was to get there early as possible to do a long time lapse:

I was standing on Westminster Bridge for a good 45minutes until my memory card was full! It gave me the longest and best time lapse I've done so far. Was very fortunate to get some nice colours in comparison to my previous attempt at Tower Bridge. 

London Eye Sunrise Photo

Overall, you can say that the time lapse is from 5am - 6am. 

I did feel shattered throughout the weekend. But hey, I am very happy with that I got from that shoot. I will continue to experiment with sunrises this summer as it is so peaceful. 

Next blog post is on Regent Street,

Time Lapse of High Beech

On Sunday, we decided to take the dog for a walk in High Beech. It is a lovely part of Epping Forest with a nice hill top. On that specific day, the clouds were pretty epic; in other words they were so fluffy and beautiful. 

I decided to set-up my camera and see what I could get for 20 minutes:

I was very happy with the result as you can see the clouds actually folds and curl beautifully. It is these small things which bring me a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment, which is why I go out of my way to record it these time lapses and images. 

Funnily enough, it was my first time at High Beech. I've driven past it many times and hear so many locals speak of it. 

Overall, as a digital photographer I will continue to keep capturing what I find amazing. Essentially, it is the small things in life I guess? That people don't really stop to appreciate. 

If I can make people appreciate clouds folding and curling like beautiful cotton candy in the sky, I have done my job as an artist right. 

Till next time. 

High Beech Essex

Knightsbridge & Tower Bridge Time Lapse

As I suggested in my last post, I wanted to do a Time Lapse of Knightsbridge:

I managed to have 15 mins to spare before my shoot, unfortunately it only gave me 4 seconds of a Time Lapse and I had to manually press the shutter button every 5 seconds. 

Fortunately, the following day my Time Lapse remote arrived in the post! A lovely tool for my digital photography adventures. 

I immediately used my excitement to wake up the following day at 4am to Time Lapse the sunrise by Tower Bridge: 

It may not have been a glamorous pink and rich sunrise as I dreamt of. However, it was still amazing because the Time Lapse looks professional! It flows so well; I can capture an image every 2-3 seconds for optimum quality! 

I will definitely return to Tower Bridge to try and capture a glamorous sunrise! For now I will edit my moody HDR image. I am planning to record my edit of it for the new post, see you then!

Experimenting with Time Lapses

I have been interested in experimenting with Time Lapses for ages, I have done Big Ben and the usual London momuments. However, lately I have the spark to time lapses do a lot more frequently. 

I have to do them manually with an iPhone stopwatch and hit the shutter remote every 5 seconds which is very tedious. So, this post is about my experiments. 

I made a little video of my time lapse, showing how I made my time lapse (inception). 

This particular spot is just outside Epping, between North Weald in Essex. There is a little bridge which gives you a high view point to catch the sunset and sunrise, overseeing the M11 and M25 overlapping each other. I've always wanted to try this composition!

I am waiting for my new shutter remote which should hopefully arrive soon. This should solve my tedious task of snapping every few seconds manually (I can make a coffee to go and enjoy the sunset without much hassle?!).
Either way, I think creating time lapses using photography is an excellent way to practice your digital photography skills. You have to do your usual edit in Lightroom (or whatever software of your choice is) and then process it as a video, it opens up so many new world of opportunities. For example, I studied videography at University but all the key frames and new video basics etc went over my head. Now, I actually have something exciting to play around with and I've got the technical videography basics down like second nature! 
Moreover, I can actually use my time lapses in other promotional videos I make for businesses: Boom! A nice eye-capturing visual at the start of a brand's identity. 

Overall, it is a nice way to show new possibilities. I will be heading to Knightsbridge tomorrow for a shoot. So, perhaps I will see if I can get a nice time lapse if the weather is suitable, who knows? 

Epping Forest With Matt Carman


Today was a lovely Sunday where I took time to catch up with a good friend of mine Matt Carman. However, a good catch up on a sunny afternoon can not be complete without taking my camera. 

Matt is a model and we have done a photoshoot previously. Being best friends with your subject has lots of perks as you know how to bring out a good smile and laugh through personal jokes. 

Country Photography

Matt happened to be wearing a nice pair of brown boots which I thought had the potential of making a great shot in Epping Forest.
We went for a walk to explore for any interesting spots, I found a pile of logs coated with brown leaves which I thought had potential for a good shot.

Country Photography

Overall, I was very happy with the result as Matt's outfit really complemented the scenery. The brown boots and red patterned shirt presented a nice palette of woodland colours that conveyed a nice country feeling. 

We continued to another field as I had an idea for another shot:

Country Photography

I find Matt to be a great model as he has lots of experience and is not afraid to put ideas forward. We had a simple scenery to play with, compared to our usual setting of Central London and I think we nailed it! This shoot ended up looking like a fashion photoshoot you'd see for a Zara Mens or any other fashion high street brand. 

Fashion Photoshoot

We called this one: The American Eagle shot. 

And here is the rest of the shots that I really liked including some of myself: 

Epping Forest Shoot
Model Photoshoot London
Model Photoshoot London

I wanted to explore taking some shots with the skull dagger necklace which was given to me as a gift by my significant other. 

Overall, I enjoyed the shoot and Matt was a great model as well as a camera man. I find modelling very fun. However, I also find that it helps to be in the subject's shoes from time to time, as it allows me to experience and visual new compositions. 

Big thank you to my buddy Matt Carman. 

Matt Carman - Website

Editing Photo of Eagle Pond, Snaresbrook - East London


I am now time-lapsing most of my edits and uploading them to Youtube!
My youtube channel name is: HVRIS. 

This is a big step forward as it will push me to get out of my comfort zone and show my editing process from start to finish with all the trials and errors. Not to mention going out and looking for spectacular skies to edit, or even just bringing dull photos to life. 
Either way; I really enjoyed it! It allows me to give a little story behind my photo:

When I first started taking my own photos, Eagle Pond was one of my first trials, the first photo I did you can see below:


Not bad for a first attempt at photography and digital imaging. Although, I think this was sunrise in the summer time, I can't remember. I really liked the sky, hopefully now in 2017 I can get something better! 

Fast forward to 2017 I was hoping for more of a magenta toned sunset. However, I got a very blue and cold toned evening! But it doesn't matter I have a few new tricks to play around with to make the scenery more dreamy using Photoshop and Lightoom!
You can see my editing process here:

Adding a few birds to the crack in the sky really gives a nice fantasy finish! Snaresbrook and Wanstead has been my local are for over 10 years. Overall, seeing the photo at a first glance I wouldn't think it is my local pond!

Eagle Pond - Snaresbrook

I intend to do more time lapses of my photography and digital imaging process. 

Sunsets and sunrises are personal favourite thing to photograph! I have a habit of taking photos of them all year round. I will do a series of sunsets and sunrises by each month starting with January 2017! 

- Haris Ahmed

Exploring Calisthenics

Welcome to my first blog post!

This will be one of many, where I plan to utilise my journal to convey and discuss my journey within Digital Photography. 

Calisthenics is a sport that I really enjoy as it can be independent or collaborative, it also sculpts the body in a proportional muscular order. In other words; it is just street gymnastics. 

I went to Kennington Park for a regular training session. I decided to take my camera, as by experience I tend to get the best shots unintentionally. I had the pleasure of seeing a regular face: Roo Hamer, a calisthenics inspiration who I have been meaning to take photos of for a few weeks now. Needless to say, we finally collaborated and I got a lovely shot of him performing a handstand.


Furthermore, Roo introduced me to Emily Cohen, a yoga instructor and nutritional health consultant. An enthusiastic soul who was a pleasure to collaborate with! 

Yoga, Emily Cohen

The sky was fantastic and as you can see in the photos below, I was able to have a great balance of exposure to bring the attention and focus on the subject. 

Handstand, Emily Cohen, Roo Hamer

As a calisthenics enthusiast and a photographer, I have found that merging my two interests together to be a fulfilling experience. I plan and intend to create an epic photo series based purely on this underground street sport that I love. 

A big thank you to:
Roo Hamer - Facebook - Instagram
Emily Cohen - Website - Instagram